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Home got a face lift.  About time…

I’ve been working on the Tegen Geneology since about 1978.  It started from finding a basic family tree in some documents that a parent had done.  As with most people, one does not think of an extended family much beyond grand-parents and it was fascinating to think that grand-parents had grand-parents and those that shared a unique family name once lived so long ago.  So that began the quest.  However, like most quests, it goes strong for a while then lies dormant.

Family trees have lots of beginnings, ends and forks.  The overall effort is to combine these various branches into one cohesive family tree that can be built upon by future generations.

The main branch of the Tegen tree centers outside of Hamburg, Germany starting around the 1660’s. From here we want to combine all those immigrated to various parts including Denmark, Sweden and North America.

A second branch centers around Stuttgart, Germany starting around 1250’s.  This one is harder to piece together.

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