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More Interesting Stuff

Another upload of data has occurred.  Taking some time to explore some branches on the spouse and cousin sides.  Looks like my wife’s has a cousin that was a signer of the Declaration of Independence (Stephen Hopkins) and on my aunt’s side, related to Lizzie Borden (look it up of you do not know what she can do with an axe).

As always, any information is really needed (dates and places).  This can be especially true to have the full name of spouses.  It can be hard to determine which William (pick a last name) is which without dates and spouses.  It can get even more difficult when they have more then one child with the same first name (a practice that I am glad has stopped around the 1800”s).


Plymouth and Virginia Colonies

I started to explore more of my wife’s branch of the tree.  I have to say, that it is a little more interesting then the Tegen/German branch.  Her branch goes back to the very early settlers at Plymouth Rock (Plymouth Colony) and the Virginia Colony in the early 1600’s.  Those same branches even go back to early English time (1100) and includes Barons, Captains, Ladies, Sheriffs, Chiefs and Knights.  Grant it that Germany did not become a single country until about 1870 and there was not a central way for each Germany state to maintain vital records ( and two world wars in which a lot of the documents were destroyed), but her tree does show the rich history our ancestors had in early American colonization and emigration.


Another Big Update

Another big update has occurred.  This includes some linking of branches based on new information provided from relatives and expanding some of the other Tegen spellings, included TEGAN, and TEEGEN.  More of this will occur to determine a physical connections to these spellings.

Think of this project one very large puzzle.  A confirmed date, birth place, spouse surname are the bits and pieces that can join isolated information into the main branch of the tree.

The overall objective is to combine every TEGEN/TEGAN/TEEGEN into one tree (with a lot of branches) that can be traced back to the earliest TEGEN/DEGEN that is currently around 1200.


Big Update

Completed a large update to the Tegen database.  The update includes a lot of cemetery photos, more branches, cleaned up dates and places.



Updated Tree Information

Update tree information has been uploaded to include new branches, updated places and a lot more photos.  If anyone has photos to share of ancestors, please email me a high-res JPEG image and the person it is associated with.


Teegen update to database

Large update to Teegen branch around Leezen, Germany has been merged into the database.  Really good branch of information from the mid-1700’s on.